Baby Chair

The Snappi® Baby chair moulds to your baby’s unique shape, offering ultimate support and comfort.

Sitting on his/her own is going to be your baby’s first taste of independence, one which you want him / her to experience in absolute comfort. This is why the Snappi® Baby Chair is a necessity when it comes to your baby exploring his / her new found perspective on the world.

Research shows that the first year of neurological development is extremely important, which means that mental stimulation is one of the most significant gifts you can provide your child with during this stage.

While sound, touch, smell and taste all play a cardinal role in baby’s development, it is the baby’s ability to see what is going on around him / her which may have the most positive effect on the baby’s nervous system.

Babies love to observe what is going on around them. Making use of the Snappi® Baby Chair allows your baby to view the world from a snug, comfortable position, making interaction between parent and child easier, and allowing baby to explore freely with his / her hands.

The Snappi® Baby Chair has a flexible inner lining, which moulds to baby’s shape, allowing your child to find the most comfortable position to suit him / her, whilst simultaneously offering the correct support for developing pelvic muscles and little backs.

Once baby’s neck and back muscles are strong enough to hold him / her upright you can use the Snappi® Baby Chair to enable your child to sit unassisted. It will simply be a matter of time before he / she moves on to the milestones of crawling, standing up and walking.

The Snappi® Baby Chair is perfect for allowing mothers the use of both hands during feeding and playtime, whilst simultaneously allowing baby to have improved breathing control and digestion. The Snappi® Baby Chair is also great for assisting with babies who struggle with reflux and need to be upright after feeding. The length of time that baby spends in the Snappi® Baby Chair is however entirely at the parents’ discretion.

The Snappi® Baby Chair is convenient, portable, lightweight and easy to clean, making it the ideal baby chair to use whether you’re on the beach, in the garden, or at home.


Ensure that baby can support his/her head on their own before making use of the Snappi® Baby Chair. Never make use of this product on an elevated surface.

Babies should never be left unattended in the Snappi® Baby Chair.

This product is not designed for use in a bath, shower or swimming pool. Please be cautious where water is concerned.

Never lift or move the Snappi® Baby Chair while baby is still seated in the chair.

It is imperative that you make use of the Snappi® Tray at all times for babies younger than 18 months.

Please only use the Snappi® Baby Chair with genuine Snappi® accessories – e.g. Snappi® Tray.

The length of time that your baby spends in the Snappi® Baby Chair is entirely dependent on parent’s discretion – however, please do not leave your baby in the Snappi® Baby Chair for prolonged periods of time.

Product Testing

We at Snappi® always ensure that all our products go through strict safety standards before being sold to our clients. Click on one of the links below to see more information on what testing gets done to our products to ensure you little loved ones stay safe and happy.


Snappi® Baby Chair Test