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5 Ingenious Baby Products Moms Really Love

Posted 11.03.2014 by Lisa Baker under Products

When you first start your baby registry, you’re focused on getting all the essentials covered. But as you build your registry, you’ll discover a world of baby products you never knew existed. Today’s baby industry has come a long way from the toys and gear you remember when your little sister was a baby, and chances are you’ll want to add at least a few items that go beyond the newborn basics. If you’re ready to expand your registry into the fun, innovative, and just plain brilliant, here are our picks for some of the most clever baby products we’ve seen on BabyList registries.

1. Wubbanub

Lost pacifiers will become a thing of the past — it’s hard to lose a pacifier when it’s attached to a stuffed animal. Wubbanubs make it easy for baby to hold (and even snuggle with!) his pacifier. It’s a pacifier and a lovey all in one. 864 Wubbanubs we’re added to BabyList in last month alone!


2. Nosefrida

No matter how carefully you protect your baby from germs, at some point, a cold is inevitable. Young babies aren’t very good at breathing through their mouths, so even a little bit of snot can disrupt sleep, interfere with feeding, and lead to a lot of frustration. Unlike the old-style bulb system for removing mucus, the Nosefrida allows you to gently suck the snot out of your baby’s nose. It sounds gross, but it works (and don’t worry; the hygenic filter prevents germ transfer). Over 4,000 were added to BabyList registries in the last year!


3. Kiinde

For a pumping mom, there’s nothing more frustrating than spilling a bottle of breastmilk and seeing all your hard work go to waste. The Kiinde pumping and storage system uses one bag for pumping, storing and feeding, thus cutting a few steps out of your pumping routine and making spills a lot less likely.


4. Planet Wise Wet Bags

Wet bags were designed for carrying used cloth diapers home to launder, but even if you don’t use cloth diapers, you’ll love your wet bag. It’s a washable, waterproof bag that fits in your purse or diaper bag (and it’s even pretty). Planet Wise’s wet/dry bag has a pocket for dry items and a separate pocket for wet ones. Use the dry pocket for diapers, extra clothes, and bibs, and the wet pocket for dirty clothes or diapers and wet bathing suits.



5. Snappis

Here’s another one for cloth diaper families: if you’re considering cloth diapers but worried about poking your baby with a pin, now you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Snappis are a clever solution that makes pins unnecessary. This small piece of t-shaped elastic will easily hold a cloth diaper securely in place, no sharp points needed.



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