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Hand Hygiene

Posted 24.02.2014 by Louise Freeman under Products

Hand hygiene is very important in a child's safety. Here are some helpful tips!

Snappi® shares some tips for teaching little ones about hand hygiene:

  1.  Set an example – by washing your hands in front of your little one, and telling them why you need to do so after toilet trips, before eating, after playing with animals or in the garden etc., you will encourage them to do the same.
  2.  Make hand washing time fun – teach children to sing the alphabet song twice while washing, so that they realise that they can’t merely rinse hands under the tap quickly.
  3. Use a magnifying glass to show children the dirt under their nails, on their palms etc. and then explain that even when their hands may look clean - germs are nasty, invisible creatures that only soap or a hand sanitiser can kill.
  4. Ensure that children can reach the sink – invest in a step if necessary. Children like to be independent, and this will encourage them to wash more often.
  5. Encourage children to smell their hands after washing and sanitising, nothing beats a nice clean, fresh smell.
  6. Use terms like “you are a big girl / big boy to wash your hands properly”, boosting their self confidence.
  7. “Pretend” sneeze into your hands, then ask your child if they would like to shake hands with you. The answer will be “no”. Then wash your hands, and ask your child if they will shake hands with you now. Then remind your child that people won’t tell him / her what they have been touching all day, which is why he / she should was their hands regularly.
  8. Paint finger paint all over your child’s hands. These are the invisible germs. Then allow your child to wash his / her hands thoroughly, noting how long it takes to be rid of all the paint.

With the CDC reporting that 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands, and with children being in such close proximity to one another at school – sharing snacks, toys etc., washing hands is an important germ fighting tool.

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