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About Snappi Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Carbon Footprint

Snappi® has committed to

Reducing our carbon footprint by:

  • Distributing products that are re-usable and promoting a lifestyle of re-use e.g. Cloth nappies, and Snappi fasteners
  • Switching off lights and equipment when not in use
  • Making use of natural illumination in our offices as much as possible.
  • Promoting the benefits of natural products
  • Reducing shipping boxes and packaging wherever possible
  • Recycling wherever possible, including boxes, used paper, plastic and technology items
  • Printing responsibly – creating a paper free environment wherever possible
  • Practising environmentally preferable purchasing when purchasing paper – paper manufactured from sustainable forestry, and which contains less bleach
  • Reducing business related travelling
  • Committing to constantly exploring avenues to reduce waste and energy usage within the company
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