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About Snappi Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

The history of Snappi® Fasteners

From tube and tin, Hennie Visser made the very first diaper fastener. He formed a template from a piece of thin wood, used tube to cut out the shape, tin hooks were fashioned, and the very first Snappi® fastener was ready. He fastened his baby girls' diaper with this fastener, and it was perfect! 

This unique diaper fastener was literally "born" out of frustration. Since his daughter's birth, the effort to fasten a diaper with a safety pin proved too much and Hennie set his mind on developing a product which would benefit not only fathers having to change diapers, but could be used by the whole family for changing diapers easily. It is really as simple as one-two-three. 

After a few years of creating a demand for his product, he successfully formed a company - manufacturing and distributing the fastener world wide. The fact that the Snappi® is made from non toxic materials ensures that the Snappi® diaper fastener is a sure winner. 

Hennie's idea was patented in as many countries as possible, to maintain and supply the best product all over the world to customers. 

Today, in 2014, he is still pursuing perfection - ensuring that the Snappi® design keeps millions of mothers happy. From a humble beginning, to date over 55 million fasteners have been sold world wide and the company is going from strength to strength.The hooks and elastic of the product are under constant scrutiny and if there is a possibility that a change could enhance the performance of the product, it is done. 

The Snappi® company has performed very well over the years, and continues to do so. It is the main goal that this degree of success obtained is not only maintained, but that the company steadily grows. The company prides itself on good customer service, quality products, professionalism, innovation, and mutual business respect. That is why you will only find Snappi® connected to products of the highest quality. Snappi® is proud to distribute and / or manufacture Snappi® fasteners, Snappi® Sanitising gel, and Snappi® Baby Chair.

To all Snappi® mothers out there, we wish you all the best with your Snappi® products.

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