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About Snappi Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Worldwide Business Opportunity

In Snappi® you will find an experienced, service orientated, supportive and committed business partner that is able to address your business needs for the retail and informal market.

Snappi® currently supplies the South African market through large chain stores, retail outlets and baby product distributors. We are proud to be associated with, and work with the Pepkor Group, Edcon (Jet stores), Shoprite, and Ackermans South Africa, as well as the Pepkor Group in Africa.

Our Snappi® Diaper Fastener is widely distributed internationally to countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe, Malaysia, India, Japan, Korea and various countries in Africa. Merchandise is purchased and sold under the distributors own branding, retailer’s private label, or under the Snappi® brand.

Expansion in Africa with the Snappi® fastener has been highly successful. We have experienced significant market growth with distributors in countries like Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria and Kenya.
With the addition of the Snappi® Baby Chair to our product portfolio, we are actively seeking suitable distributors / business partners worldwide for a long-term business relationship with us. These business partners are selected for their supply and distribution capabilities, as well as for their reputation, ethics and good standing in their respective communities. If you believe that one or all of our products might complement your current range, please let us know. We will be happy to supply further information.

Marketing for business partners:

Advice, support and suggestions are given on long term marketing strategies, brand building, effective marketing and distribution. Continuous market research ensures high quality and sellable products.

New and innovative marketing, advertising and selling ideas are communicated and shared. Parties being involved in marketing concepts and actions warrant mutual benefit and portray willingness for lasting involvement.

Branding for Snappi®:

After 20 years the Snappi® brand has become synonymous with quality, durability and effectiveness. With the launch of our Snappi® Baby Chair - Snappi® has recently undergone a facelift as far as logo and brand file are concerned. This new, colourful, modern approach has received very positive feedback                            


Our unique stackable packaging design has received much  praise – ensuring that minimum floor space is utilised in store, as well as simplifying and saving cost for  freight and delivery. Ten units of Snappi® Baby Chair will easily and neatly  stack in a floor space of 48cm x 48cm! Our South African stores love this concept  – being able to  offer the consumer clearly visible, attractive and recognisable packaging without the added expense and effort of point of sale material.



By introducing Snappi® the penguin as a character, and making use of him for educational, environmental and community projects we plan to push through the association of our social responsibility policies to the consumer.

We focus on good brand promise, personality and positioning – and our target consumer values this. By enforcing strong promise, we communicate our team’s strong values and passion for quality, integrity and value for money. Our brand personality is unique to our organisation, attractive to our target consumer and consistently delivered. Brand positioning is important to us – once again highlighting how important it is to partner with organisations with strong ethics – from suppliers, distributors to retailers – we carry this down the line.

Good branding delivers a consistent experience – from initial brand awareness right through the entire customer experience – sales, delivery, solution experience, billing and accounting and after care support. Snappi® has all aspects of our operations on brand, with a strong commitment from a dedicated team.


The rise of digital media has brought about a significant change in our marketing approach. The marketing department at Snappi® focuses on approaching the market holistically, designing integrated campaigns that are relevant in both an online and an offline environment.

New marketing channels, tools and tactics are introduced on an ongoing basis, ensuring a dynamic and flexible approach in an ever changing industry.

The Future for Snappi®

Snappi® is a company that has seen substantial growth in the past few years. With a brand new product show case (Snappi® Baby Chair and accessories) we proudly want to step things up a notch and show the rest of the world what South African manufacturers are capable of!

Snappi® is committed to providing innovation and unique products to our global clients. We do this through our constant research, development and testing methods, to provide our clients with peace of mind, and product satisfaction. We keep abreast of industry changes and requirements, and communicate this to our customers.

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