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What a first-time mom needs to know about prefold diapers

Posted 22.08.2017 by Snappi under Parenting Hints & Tips

Firstly what are prefolds and how do they differ from standard flat diapers?

Prefold diapers are flats that have been pre-folded and sewn into 3 panels. They are made up of layers of lightweight fabric with extra layers in the centre panel for extra absorbency. They require minimal folding compared to a flat nappy and you can adjust them for a perfect fit on baby's bum. 


Why use prefolds?

Prefolds are the "best of both" option for diapers as they combine the benefits of both disposables and flats. They are super easy to use by simply folding into thirds, placing on a cover and securing with a Snappi nappy fastener. They are not only a great choice for your baby but you will also be a hero to your budget and to the environment. 


What about nighttime? 

If your baby sleeps well, the last thing you want to do is disturb their (and of course your own) much needed sleep to change their nappy. To reduce night time changes and dealing with wet clothing and bedding in the middle of the night you can either add inserts or you can double up your prefold by adding a larger prefold over the first nappy. Hemp and bamboo are both excellent materials for inserts and are widely available to purchase.  


How to prep your prefolds before using them for the 1st time?

Many new moms aren't aware that new prefold diapers aren't at their maximum absorbency and they may lose their appeal without giving them a proper chance. You need to wash (and dry between each wash) around 6 - 8 times before your new purchase will be at it's maximum absorbency. 


But what about washing them? Gross!

You may think that throwing a disposable in the bin is the easiest option but washing your prefold diapers is really not that difficult and gross as many believe. Breastmilk is 100% water soluble, so at this stage, baby's diapers will need no more work than tossing them in a water pail and then directly in the wash when you are ready to do a load. When you start dealing with real dirty diapers, you simply shake or dump as much as you can down the toilet and your machine will easily handle the rest. You even get flushable liners so you simply flush away the gross parts along with the liners. You have to admit that this can be more appealing than having dirty diaper disposables in your dustbin for a week. 


Tips from a mom of 5.

"Always flip the top in as you fasten them, especially for little boys. It stops leaks over the top of the diaper if his little man bit is pointing up. Make sure to bring the back around snugly or the leg holes will leak as newborn dirty diapers can be pretty loose and you don't want that everywhere! Don't use talc in them (it's bad for baby girls). ALWAYS be careful with what fasteners you use. Definitely keep a diaper pail full of bleach water in the laundry room too! Main things are absorbancy, washability, and stain resistance, and softness. You don't want anything rough near baby's little bum!"

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