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Increase your readership easily

Posted 03.02.2016 by ParentingHub under Products
Increase your readership easily

Why is it so importance to display your Parenting Hub Approved Icon?
Business analysts and marketing consultants alike contend that a growing number of companies are recognising the benefits that can accrue from establishing sound partnerships with well-established and particularly well-respected within their field, entrepreneurial businesses.  Showing your clients that you have fostered a relationship with Parenting Hub that has developed to the point where Parenting Hub will recommend your products to potential clients, is the easiest and most cost-effective way of giving your product immediate recognition within your respective markets. This is a sure way of developing and fostering great brand equity.
The Parenting Hub Approved Campaign which was introduced in May 2015 has been a resounding success for all who have participated.  Through displaying the Parenting Hub approved Icon on their websites and products, our clients are feeling the benefit to their bottom line.
The philosophy behind The Parenting Hub Approved Campaign is to assist you, a fellow business owner, by adding credence to your brand thus enhancing the public’s perception by displaying our stamp of approval and giving your brand the leading edge amongst your competitors. 
In 2015, Snappi Holdings proudly began displaying the Parenting Hub Approved Icon on their product packaging. This was not only a celebratory moment for Parenting Hub but Snappi Holdings as well! 

Louise from Snappi Holdings shared her thoughts around the importance of displaying the Parenting Hub Endorsement on their product range.

"The Parenting Hub Product Endorsement is invaluable to us on a national and international level, and has been added to our packaging with pride.  The award will be showcased at our stands for all our international exhibitions this year.
We are aware that Parenting Hub only recognises products that deliver outstanding value, offering a point of difference from their competitors.  Your award provides the perfect platform for building brand awareness through increased exposure, recognition and prestige. 
I believe that parenting Hub takes every opportunity to publicly acknowledge and promote products that they have endorsed to a wide variety of outlets – on a business to consumer level as well as business to business.  From Snappi’ s perspective, this establishes a valuable resource that can be used extensively to create opportunities for publicity, positive profiling and heightened brand awareness.  This unique opportunity to promote this award on our publicity and marketing campaigns is of great value to us.
The fact that Parenting Hub product award nominations receive an unbiased, third party focus group product review delivers an affirmation to us of our product’s value in the market, and reinforces the value of the Snappi® Baby Chair to consumers.  A confirmation that can reach customers in a way that in house marketing and advertising cannot – enabling our product to stand out prominently, and separating us from our competition."

Email to receive your 2016 icon and display it proudly!  Remember you can add the Parenting Hub Approved Icons to your website, social network pages and product packaging to ensure that you stay above the rest!

A friendly reminder that you need to be actively involved in the marketing of your business. Remember to post to the Parenting Hub Facebook Page or to Tweet Parenting Hub at any time. By doing this your brand will be recognised by the public quicker and you soon will become a trusted household name amongst readers!

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